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Vehicle Accessories

 The following are now available from Team Leyland:

  • Winches (electric and hydraulic)
  • Towing equipment
  • Canvas hoods and frames
  • Tarpaulin
  • Air conditioning
  • VHF/HF radio installations
  • Mobile radio systems
  • Extra tanks (fuel and water)
  • High output alternators, for welding and power tools
  • Cold climate packages with auxiliary engine heaters, saloon heaters, heated fuel lines, pre-heaters, snow tyres, snow chains
  • Bull bars, light guards
  • Navigation equipment GPS compasses
  • Sirens, light bars, public address systems
  • DVD stereo system
  • Vehicle refrigerators
  • Alarms and immobilisers
  • Raised air in-take
  • Sump guards/transmission guards
  • Telescopic lighting masts
  • Mesh windscreen covers
  • Medical kit, recovery kit
  • Spot lights, search lights
  • Roof racks, ski racks