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Other van parts

Genuine Parts


Team Leyland offer GENUINE spare parts to ensure total compatibility with a vehicle.  Genuine parts can contribute towards increased reliability and longevity of a vehicle and can reduce the down time due to component failure.  All genuine parts come with a 1 year warranty and are certainly the preferred option whilst a vehicle is under warranty.  Genuine doesn’t have to mean the most expensive option and Team Leyland is able to offer very competitive genuine boxed van parts.  Presently under our “other Makes” Team Leyland is only able to offer genuine parts for Citroen and Vauxhall.For special offers click here

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Engine Image

Piston,Fuel Injection,Fuel pumps,Crankshaft,Flywheel,air filters,oil filters and many more.


Transmission Image

clutch,clutch dampers,Gear boxs and linkage,Propshaft and compents,seals,drive couplings ,universal joints and many more.

Steering and Suspension

shock absorbers,Bushes,Anit roll bars,Track and rod ends,Dampers,Coloumn parts and couplings,gaskets, side rods and many more.


doors, front and rear wings,door regualtors, door handles, window glasses, body panels and many more.


Electrical    Image

Front and rear indicators, All types of lamps and bulbs, Switchs,Battery,fueses and many more


OEM Parts


When a vehicle is out of warranty many operators don’t always want to fit expensive Genuine parts and to keep the cost down they prefer a quality option at a cheaper price.  Original Equipment parts (OEM) are often manufactured by 1st & 2nd tier suppliers for the manufacturers of the vehicle.  They are supplied direct from the OEM factory and usually come in the OEM manufacturers own boxes.  OEM parts come with full 1 year warranty and can be a more cost effective option.  The OEM part is often the same part that you would get in the vehicle manufacturers own box – it is just boxed differently and usually costs less.For special offers click here

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Parts Image


Original Equipment Manufactuerer of Braking and Transmissions Parts. Special Offers


Braking, Powertrain, Transmissions







And more

Aftermarket Parts


To help you keep your older vehicles on the road for longer at a fraction of the cost, Team Leyland has developed a supply chain for a very comprehensive range of Aftermarket/Copy parts.  These replacement parts are in most instances much cheaper than the Genuine and Original Equipment equivalents and in most cases sourced from a known quality manufacturer.  All our aftermarket parts come with a 1 year warranty.For special offers click here

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Team Leyland do a full range of aftermarket braking parts for car, van & truck. Our braking parts have the capability of meeting the requirements of both Original Equipment and aftermarket standards. Our products ensure high performance and durability Pads, Discs, Linings, Wear Leads

Window Regulator


New & reconditioned clutch Kits, Clutch release bearings, clutch plates, clutch covers, Clutch Master Cylinders, Clutch Servo
Solenoid Valves

Air Brake

Spring Brake
Foot Valves
Hand Control Valves
Relay Valves

Fuel Tanks

Steering and Suspenssion

Ball Joints
Track Rod Ends
Drag Links
King Pin Kits
V Stay Bars
Staybiliser Bearings
Damper Vibration
Silent Blocks
Spring Pins and Bushes


Body Parts
Fan Clutches
EBS Modulators
Water Pumps
Clutch Servos

Reconditioned Parts


EBS Modulator

Air Brake Valves